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What is Leadership?


Leadership captures the essentials of being able and prepared to inspire others.


Effective leadership is based upon ideas - both original and suggested - that are effectively communicated to others in a way that engages them to act in a way that will move an objective forward.


A major factor surrounding my decision to seek the Liberal nomination in Sudbury to be our next MPP, is the lack of effective representation and leadership for Sudbury at Queen’s Park.


Throughout my professional career, and volunteer commitments, I have come to understand what makes an effective leader. A leader must listen and build consensus working with diverse groups of people and a variety of stakeholders. These skills have allowed me to bring people together, building strong relationships and working together towards a common goal. Giving a voice back to the people of Sudbury will be my focus as their MPP.

When looking at the issues affecting our community, I have broken this down to 3 immediate priorities:


Laurentian University


  • Immediate sustainable funding 

  • Programs offered through Laurentian need to reflect the community needs​

  • We currently have a number of students leaving the Sudbury area for post-secondary school education, and they never return

  • Losing our University would be devastating economically for our community

COVID-19 Recovery


  • I believe there will be significant challenges to our community, both from a human and economic perspective, in Sudbury as we recover from the Pandemic.

  • With these challenges, we need to be aware of opportunities that present themselves to help our community grow.

  • We need to prioritize what is needed by our community as we fully recover from both human and economic challenges that the pandemic has created.

Opioid Crisis

  • Too many members of our community are suffering and dying from the opioid abuse crisis. We need to engage with the community to find evidence-based solutions to this crisis.

  • We need to have high-levelled conversations with provincial legislators

Looking past these three priorities, there are a number of other issues that need to be addressed with evidence-based solutions.  Please take some time to review my concerns so we can work together to achieve these objectives:


Here For Healthcare


  • Mental Health Care

  • Long-term Care / End of Life 

  • Access to Health Care

Here For Business


  • All Businesses, not just small or corporate

  • Resource based economy (Mining or mining-related expertise)

  • Establish Sudbury as a viable sports and entertainment destination

  • Importance of not for profits and charities to our economy and support services to our constituents

Here For Education

  • Education system efficiencies (More resources into the classroom)

  • Sustainable funding for northern and rural schools

  • Sustainable funding for post-secondary institutions

  • Initiatives and funding for in-school mental health support programs

Here For Infrastructure


  • Highway 69 / 400 completion strategy

  • Provincial funding for poor quality of roads in Sudbury

  • Building a sports entertainment centre

  • Build and foster the partnerships between provincial and municipal governments

I invite you to reach out to our team if you have any questions about our platform and how we'll be Here For Sudbury.  We are here to have these conversations, and we would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

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