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COVID-19  In Greater Sudbury


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Hello everyone,


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, I wanted to share some encouraging words, as well as warnings, in the hopes that we can finally eradicate it from our community. 


As we all know, the number of cases has increased drastically over the holiday season. The province is currently under a 'lockdown' with the expectation that the cases will diminish. However, the lockdown has affected everyone in Sudbury in one way or another. For example, small businesses have had to close their doors, some of them shutting down for good due to lack of revenue from customers and support from our provincial and federal governments. Although this is significant because our local economy runs on small mom-and-pop shops, I do not want to dwell on the pandemic's negative impacts. Some of our businesses have found creative ways to stay open amidst the uncertainty, such as Kitt On A Box and Dominion Sewing Centre. (Kitt on a Box: https://kittonabox.ca/shop, Dominion Sewing Centre: https://dominion-sewing-centre.shoplightspeed.com). This type of out-of-the-box thinking to overcome unforeseen changes to the standard business model highlights our business community's perseverance.


Further, the extension of the lockdown has negatively impacted the mental health of many Sudburians. Many people who were in the routine of going to gyms to keep mentally and physically healthy and active can no longer go. In these circumstances, I would like to encourage all Sudburians to get outside to stay active. We are all currently cooped up inside, and getting outside gives everyone the mental break we all need and deserve. I implore every Sudburian to follow public health guidelines and spend at least 20 minutes per day outside while still maintaining proper physical distancing. Sudbury is home to many beautiful walking paths and skating rings, such as Bell Park and Kivi Park; now is the perfect time to explore your own backyard. 


On this note, I would also like to remind everyone not to dwell on the number of active cases and deaths from this horrible virus. Although the numbers are staggering, out of Ontario's approximately 208 000 cases, over 175 000 are categorized as resolved. This is amazing news knowing that the pandemic has caused so much havoc over the last 10 months. However, I still strongly advised all Sudburians to follow the advice of provincial public health officials, as well as Sudbury & District Public Health. Please follow physical distancing guidelines when you are out around town, wear your mask when entering any public place (i.e. grocery store), and limit your contact with those outside your household. By following these simple measures, we will be able to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe. Remember: we are stronger together but safer apart. 


Stay Safe

For COVID-19 Updates in Sudbury, please visit www.phsd.ca