Léo Lefebvre

Past Director, Maison McCulloch Hospice

Gray Liberal L.png

I unequivocally endorse the nomination of David Farrow as Liberal M.P.P. for the Sudbury Riding. As a former Board of Directors colleague at Maison McCulloch Hospice, I was able to truly appreciate his qualities as a leader, a person of high calibre, a values-oriented individual, open-minded, a good listener, community involved and politically astute. Comme francophile, David a toujours offert un fort appui à tous les dossiers qui touchaient la langue française et nous pourrons sûrement compter sur son indéfectible appui dans tous les enjeux francophones. Resilience, engagement, vision, initiative, dialogue, communication, determination, hard work and compassion best define his leadership mode and make him a sound choice to represent Sudbury.

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