Matt Butcher

Parent, Special Needs Student

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David Farrow is an exceptional leader and person.  Our family first met Dave when our children were in grade 1 and he was their principal.  One of our sons has special needs and had behavioural issues.   Due to his behavioural needs, our son was significantly behind the other students academically and was not able to spend much time in the classroom.  David, and the whole school under his leadership, went above and beyond to support our family when our son was given additional diagnoses.  He helped create a plan that saw our son succeed in not only attending the classroom for full days, but catching up with his academics within a year.  Our son is now in grade 10 and in the university stream, which would not have been possible without the supports he received because of David.  David not only supported all of his students educational needs, but he helped them become caring citizens.  He taught his students to give back to their communities through various activities including CIBC Run for the Cure, fundraising for the Maison Sudbury Hospice, and the Edgar Burton Food Drive.  David led by example, donating his time to various organizations while still being there for his school community at all times.  I know that David Farrow will be the leader that Sudbury needs to represent us provincially.

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