Meet the Farrows


Liberal MPP Nominee Contestant for Sudbury

David Farrow

David Farrow began his adventures here in Sudbury in the fall of 1993. He and his wife Catharine married in 1987, and shortly after, moved from Ottawa to Sudbury to further their careers; David as an educator with the then Sudbury District School Board, and Catharine as a prominent geologist. This year, David and Catharine will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary.


Extremely proud parents, they welcomed their son, Wilson, in 2004. From an early age, they taught him to skate, coached him, and encouraged him to play hockey. Little did they know where this path would lead them, as Wilson was drafted by the Sudbury Wolves in April 2020. He is currently playing as a defensemen with the Rayside Balfour Canadians.


For David, his love and commitment to our community has been evident with every activity and event he has been involved with. David has always gone above and beyond to inspire his students to fundraise – whether by seeing their Principal sleeping on the roof of the school, shaving his head, or even being duck-taped to the wall. David has contributed positively to building community spirit and bringing in much needed funds for local organizations.

In recent years, David has been an active Board Member of the Maison McCulloch Hospice. He has served as past Chair of the Finance Committee and now currently as Chair of the Maison McCulloch Hospice Board of Directors. His passion for helping Sudburians extends beyond just the hospice. He has been a key contributor for the CIBC Run for the Cure, as his efforts accumulated to almost $ 500,000 for cancer research. His community involvement extending over his 27 years in Sudbury in so many organizations demonstrates his commitment to helping those in need to lead a better life.

David's decision to represent Sudbury as MPP at Queen’s Park is further evidence of his willingness to help Sudbury be the best that it can be. As a prominent leader, David will be able to push the issues that directly affect our residents' daily lives. His experience as a leader within our community is the representation that we need. David has been recognized as a strong community builder, and despite retiring in 2018, his efforts to help those in and around our community have by no means slowed.


David and his campaign team are here to answer any of your questions. We welcome you to contact us to have a conversation and see how we can help Sudbury continue to grow.

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