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In My Spare Time...

Michael: What are some of your interest and hobbies?

David: Thank you, Michael, for your question.

I have a number of interests and hobbies, and have been able to enjoy them since my retirement in 2018.

Physical Fitness:

A key part of my daily life, is my love of running. I try to maintain a level of fitness through my daily exercises. I run approximately 20-30 kilometres each week, and when I’m not running, it’s not a stretch to find me on a walk or snowshoeing adventure. As I find goal setting a helpful tool to keep me motivated throughout the year, and with my love of running, I will annually set distance goals.

Additionally, it’s extremely rewarding that I share this love for physical fitness with my family. It’s an added bonus that I can share this with them and we can participate together.

Creative Arts:

Recently, I fulfilled a life goal by learning how to paint creatively. The ability to explore my creative side, learn how to express myself and learning my style of art has been incredible. Although I am still a beginner, over the past couple of years, I have created several visual art pieces that I am very proud of.

Additionally, I had a keen interest in learning how to play the guitar. Motivated to learn, I was able to teach myself how to play, and, successfully can play at an intermediate level.

As a Family:

As I mentioned above, we do enjoy several interests and hobbies as a family. It’s so much more fun, when you can share your interests with those around you.

As a family, we enjoy playing golf, watching Wilson’s hockey games, playing hockey, skating, and running.

We have as a family also welcomed a number of animals to our family. Currently we have three cats, Oliver, Lloyd and Julie, all rescue adoptions who have blessed our family. We recently had to say good-bye to Bear, our beloved dog, who provided us with 12 and a half years of unconditional love.

In My Spare Time….

When the opportunities present themselves, I find myself catching up with my reading list, indulging in biographies, and everything, anything political.

I enjoy cooking, and like to expand my creative juices in the kitchen. It’s not unheard of to find me creating a culinary masterpiece for dinner, or, mastering a long-standing family recipe, as represented this past Easter weekend while making my mother-in-law’s famous goose stuffing!

As there are so many things I can mention, I would be remiss to highlight my love for volunteering within our community. Through my involvement, I have met so many incredible people, and I am inspired everyday by the generosity of everyone who contributes to making our city the best it can be.

This is a small window into who I am outside of the classroom, and my pursuit to be Sudbury’s MPP. Thank you for your question, I have enjoyed reflecting on my interests and my hobbies that fill my days. I’m wondering, what do you enjoy? What are your interests?

I welcome the opportunity for anyone to submit a question to me. Please reach out to my team by email at office@hereforsudbury.ca, through our website https://www.hereforsudbury.ca, or call us at 705-805-0200. We look forward to hearing from you.

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