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The Importance of Leadership and Community Engagement when Choosing our Elected Officials

Diane: What attributes do you think you would bring as MPP for our riding?

David: Thank you Diane for your question.

Diane, I feel strongly that we need public officials that have experience working with people. Politicians need to be able to build coalitions with diverse groups that may differ in opinions. Three strong attributes that I would bring as MPP for the riding of Sudbury are:

1. Experience

Having been a long time Principal, I developed many skills which will be useful to manage the challenges that are inherent in representing a large constituency of people. Our community members often have varying backgrounds with differing opinions. Working within our community has enabled me to develop the necessary skills to achieve common goals which are often the objectives of a community organization. I would be remiss to highlight my business experience, including my Masters of Business Administration. As a small business owner, this has enabled me to understand the importance of organization, fiscal responsibility and accountability. Most importantly, I feel that my ability to build relationships and work collaboratively with stakeholders towards achieving a common objective is my greatest strength.

2. Leadership

Working as an educator and community leader has provided me with the opportunity to develop my leadership skills. I have learned throughout my career the benefits of effective communication, and how to make tough decisions. Most notably, I have learned the art of listening. Being open to listening and empowering those around to have a voice, has taught me the importance of bringing viable solutions to the discussion, while addressing the concerns of everyone involved. Through my years of experience, I am proud of my ability to work with other leaders, developing and building a consensus which in turn develops a stronger organization.

3. Voice

I believe in the power of one voice. As Sudbury’s MPP, I will be the voice of every Sudburian, I will actively listen to the constituency and I will bring their voice to Queen’s Park. I will work with our community, key stakeholders and elected officials to formulate evidence-based solutions to help address the ongoing concerns affecting our community.

I hope that this brings some clarity to your question Diane. Thank you so much for reaching out to me, that’s what I am here for.

I would welcome the opportunity for anyone to submit a question to David. Please reach out to us by email at office@hereforsudbury.ca, through our website https://www.hereforsudbury.ca, or call us at 705-805-0200, we look forward to hearing from you.

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