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What Decades of Teaching Taught Me

Hannah: As a long-time educator, what skills from your career will you bring to the job of Member of Provincial Parliament for Sudbury?

David: Thank you for your question Hannah.

I loved everything about being a teacher, Vice Principal and Principal. It was an extremely rewarding career as I was able to help so many people over the years.

Throughout my career I realized how important it was to be able to work with diverse groups of people from varying backgrounds. It was always inspiring to collaborate on a project with my colleagues and to see their excitement grow as the plan came to life. I believe one of my best assets is to work side by side with my staff, guiding them and assisting them, with the development of their leadership skills and styles.

I realized early on in my career, the importance of stakeholder engagement. Listening, formulating and developing evidence-based solutions side by side with stakeholders, is the most effective way to implement change.

Most importantly, as an educator I learned the importance of having strong values at your centre. Being honest and having integrity in all aspects of your life develops a trust with the people you work with. Having an authentic real-life approach as a strong value, helps to produce meaningful work, which is fundamental to resolving any issue.

As an educator, I have developed the ability to ask the tough questions, answer those questions and make difficult decisions as the result. I have also developed a great deal of respect for the amazing work that happens within our community daily. Along with a strong sense of empathy for the challenges people are facing in their daily lives, I have learned the strongest role I play is to be an avid listener. So, from my experience, being Sudbury’s Voice, is a true representation of who I am and who I want to be for Sudburians.

I would welcome the opportunity for anyone to submit a question to David. Please reach out to us by email at office@hereforsudbury.ca, through our website https://www.hereforsudbury.ca, or call us at 705-805-0200, we look forward to hearing from you.

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