Long-time Sudburian Seeking to be Sudbury's Voice in Queen's Park


SUDBURY, Ontario February 23, 2021 – Award-winning educator, community leader, and small business owner David Farrow announces his intentions to run for the Liberal Party nomination ahead of the next Ontario provincial election. This is his first time running for elected office, but his dedication to the Sudbury community has been a precursor to serving at a higher level.

Farrow plans to run on key platform points he is distinctly familiar with, including education, healthcare, business and infrastructure. Graduating from Mount Allison University with two degrees, Farrow is most known in the Sudbury community for his time as an educator, serving as a principal with the Rainbow District School Board from 2000 until 2018 when he retired with distinction. He currently serves as the Board Chair for Maison McCulloch Hospice and is the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the mining business, FarExGeoMine Ltd.

“My dedication to the Sudbury community didn’t end when I retired as an educator,” said David Farrow. “The call to serve only grew stronger as I recognized the needs of Sudburians diminished at Queen’s Park, and the standards of healthcare, education, business and infrastructure are not at the levels we deserve. We need proven leadership and the ability to find consensus to represent our community, and I believe I have the experience to make that happen.”

David spent his entire career serving others over self, elevating those around him. He earned high honours for his commitment to excellence 

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in education, including the Outstanding Contribution to the Co-Curricular Program from the Rainbow District School Board and the Council of Exceptional Children (Chapter 503) Appreciation Award.


Outside of his professional career, David threw himself into community work with the goal of improving the quality of life for Sudbury residents. He currently acts as the Board Chair for Maison McCulloch Hospice. He also worked with the CIBC Run for the Cure, Sudbury Food Bank, Canadian Breast Cancer Society, Larch Street Kids, and the Rainbow Catholic Co-Ed Basketball Tournament, which he founded and ran for 14 years. His charitable efforts earned him recognition with the Provincial CIBC Run for the Cure for which his team raised over $500,000 for cancer research, the Celebration 2010 Community Sport Volunteer Award in Sudbury, and Ontario Volunteer Service Award. 


He also committed himself to furthering his education, earning his Master of Business Administration in 2007. At the time of his retirement, Farrow achieved a balanced school budget for the 18 years as a principal. Outside of his duties with FarExGeoMine Ltd., he has served as past chair of the finance committee for the Maison McCulloch Hospice.   In his current role as Board Chair, David instituted a pandemic emergency financial situation committee to track the finances of the organization. While many non-profits in the area lost money due to the economic impacts of the coronavirus, the hospice broke even, ensuring the needed care for patients never diminished.


David has been married to his wife, an award-winning geologist, Catharine, for 33 years and is the proud father to Wilson, recently drafted by the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League.


“I look forward to sharing the details of my campaign further as we work our way through this process,” Farrow said. “I plan to reach out to community leaders across all sectors to ensure their voice is heard. We are here for Sudbury and that will drive us all the way to a seat in provincial government.”


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