Shannon Lafrance

Vice-Principal, Rainbow District School Board

Gray Liberal L.png

I am pleased to endorse David Farrow for M.P.P., Sudbury Riding. I have known David in many capacities including Principal, as a leader in sport and an advocate within our community for various agencies such as the Maison McCullough Hospice. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in all capacities. David is an outstanding leader, who provides direction, inspiration and guidance. In everything that he does, he demonstrates compassion, commitment and ambition. David has the ability to empower, motivate and inspire individuals. He has always been a strong advocate for others, and a strong communicator that not only listens but makes you feel heard, which is why I strongly believe that David is the person we need to represent our community and at Queens Park as M.P.P. for the Sudbury Riding.

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